Strategic Property Services Group, LLC is a full service property management company.  We offer our clients an experienced and professional management team.  Strategic Property Services Group is able to make all of this possible by offering Marketing, Training, Core Support Team, Maintenance, and Accounting professionals.  We have a superior history of managing portfolios that consist of renovation projects, transitioning distressed properties for re-sale, new construction and lease-up communities.  Our specialty is providing our clients with a hands on approach and being accessible as need be for any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions from our investors.
We also offer an experienced team to go into a property and fully assess the condition, both structurally and financially through our due diligence process.   This will include the walking of entire property, walking each unit, payables audit, receivables audit, complete file audit and staff assessment. 
We take the time to listen to our investors’ needs and wants and will go above and beyond to exceed their every expectation.